Programs implemented in shared management

Step 1

For the Programs under the coordination of the Ministry of Investments and European Projects, access the following link: Programs (

Depending on your needs, click on the Program you want to apply:

For Regional Programs, go to:

For the Administrative Capacity Operational Program access the following link: Administrative Capacity Operational Program - POCA | Competence makes the difference!

For the Operational Program for Fisheries and Maritime Affairs access the following link: Programming 2021-2027 – Operational Program for Fisheries and Maritime Affairs (

For programs in the policy areas of asylum, migration, integration of migrants, internal security, border management and visa policy, under the coordination of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, access the following link:

FED Internal Affairs - main page /

Step 2

After selecting the program, you will be redirected to the page of the Managing Authority of that program.

All relevant official information is displayed here as follows:

  • Program (approved official document);
  • Priorities (structured and detailed according to the approved official document);
  • Call launch calendar;
  • Program implementation (instructions, payment status, contracting status);
  • Implementation results (monitoring, implementation reports, evaluation).

In addition, you can access the list of announcements, where you can find updated information related to the program (eg: calls for projects in public consultation, calls for open projects, evaluation results, contracting results, orders, instructions, clarifications, payments, etc.).

For the National Internal Affairs Programs,  in the policy areas of asylum, migration, integration of migrants, internal security, border management and visa policy, under the coordination of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, access the following link: FED Internal Affairs - main page /

Step 3

Check the Priority Axes and Specific Objectives in order to identify the most suitable financing option for your project idea.

Step 4

Carefully review the Beneficiary Guidelines and check the date of the call.

Step 5

Submit the financing request through the MySMIS2014+ computer system, in compliance with the provisions of the national and European legislation in force, the Beneficiary's Guides and the Instructions in force.

* The user manuals of the MySMIS2014+ IT system can be downloaded from here: My SMIS (

Accessing national programs

Step 1

Identify the area in which you will make the investment.

Step 2

For rural investments managed by the Agency for Financing Rural Investments (AFIR), access the following link: AFIR portal - EAFRD information, Online submission of EAFRD projects

For programs to stimulate the establishment and development of small and medium enterprises managed by the Ministry of Economy, Entrepreneurship and Tourism, access the following link: Programs for SMEs – MEEMA – Business Environment (

For investments in the field of environmental protection managed by the Environment Fund Administration (AFM), access the following link: Administration of the Fund for the Environment - FUNDED PROGRAMS (

For investments in agriculture and beekeeping managed by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development through the Payments and Intervention Agency for Agriculture (APIA), access the following link: Specific measures (

For the investments aimed at Romanian contemporary creation and the valorization of heritage managed by the National Cultural Fund Administration (AFCN), access the following link: Administration of the National Cultural Fund (

For research, development and innovation investments managed by the Executive Unit for the Financing of Higher Education, Research, Development and Innovation, access the following link: :: Home Module

For energy and energy efficiency investments managed by the Ministry of Energy, access the following link: Ministry of Energy (

Step 3

After selecting the managing authority in your field of interest, you will be redirected to the page of that program or that authority.

All the relevant official information related to the funding programs is displayed here, as follows:

  • Program (approved official documents – guide, forms, etc.);
  • Areas of investment/intervention;
  • Legislation related to the implementation process (instructions, decisions, etc.);
  • Information on the method of submitting projects/funding applications;
  • Access to the IT system for submitting projects/funding applications.

Step 4

Check the call launch date and the CALL CLOSING DATE (deadline for submitting/submitting the funding request).

Step 5

Go through the guide related to the call for projects and check the access and eligibility conditions.

Step 6

Write the funding request in accordance with the guidelines and respecting the forms indicated in each call.

Step 7

Make sure that you have completed the funding application in full and that it contains all the attachments requested by the guide.

Step 8

Submit the funding request through the IT system indicated by each funding entity.

Accessing community programs

Step 1

Go to the European Commission website, Funding and Tender Opportunities section: Funding & tenders (

Step 2

Create an EU login account to login to the portal. The Participant Register is the Commission's online tool for registering and managing the data of organizations participating in EU programmes. If you wish to participate in a project proposal, your organization must be registered and have a 9-digit Participant Identification Code (PIC). This unique identifier of your organization will be used as a reference by the European Commission in all interactions.

Create an account (

Step 3

Enter keywords that best describe your area of interest on the home page, then refine your results with additional filters. You can start your search by selecting one of the EU funding programs listed on the home page and then navigate through the quick links to a specific program's calls for proposals.

Calls are divided into topics, implemented by different types of actions. Select a topic to read more about the identified opportunity. The site offers a search on the calls for proposals and offers of the European institutions.

Step 4

Find a call for proposals that fits your project idea.

Step 5

Find partners from the Member States on the Commission's website.

Partner Search (

Please read the partnership terms and other eligibility requirements of the call carefully.

Step 6

Submitting the proposal.

Funding opportunities for NGOs.

PEO and PIDS Funding Opportunities 1

PEO and PIDS 2 funding opportunities