The Ministry of European Investments and Projects through the National Contact Point for Roma, as beneficiary, implements the project between 18.04.2021 and 18.04.2023 "ROM Platform", co-financed of European Commission – Directorate General Justice and Consumers through Program for Citizenship, Equality, Rights and Values 2014-2020.

The project is co-financed under Contract number 101008222, and the eligible reimbursable value of the project from the European Commission is 90% respectively 122,198.47 euros.

GENERAL OBJECTIVE: to further develop the Roma platform to use it as a mechanism to encourage mutual cooperation and exchange of experience between relevant public and private stakeholders in the field of Roma inclusion.

This project will empower the National Contact Point for Roma to mediate relations between all stakeholders, ensuring communication channels between them and contributing to raising the awareness of central and local stakeholders.

It will contribute to the identification of gaps in policies that address vulnerable Roma communities and will encourage and facilitate the participation and involvement of representatives of Roma communities in the definition and implementation of a set of measures for the inclusion of Romanian citizens of Roma ethnicity.


  • strengthening the national Roma platform created (involving all relevant stakeholders);
  • mapping Roma communities from a qualitative point of view (identifying the specific vulnerabilities of the communities) and drafting reports at the regional level;
  • mapping of relevant stakeholders working for Roma inclusion and creating a database.


  • improving the national platform;
  • empowering the National Contact Point for Roma in the Roma inclusion process;
  • increasing the capacity of stakeholders to address issues related to Roma inclusion;
  • strengthening the cooperation and exchange of information between the competent national authorities regarding the integration of Roma;
  • increasing the participation of Roma in the design of political processes.