For the period 2022-2027, the Romanian Government’s Strategy for the inclusion of Romanian citizens belonging to the rome minority (SNIR) must correspond to the requests made by the European Commission regarding the fulfillment of the favorable conditions. SNIR 2022-2027 must also converge with the EU Rome Strategic Framework, launched by the European Commission on 7 October 2020.

In this context, the National Agency for Rome, together with the National Contact Point for Rome within the Ministry of European Funds, initiated an extensive public consultation process, which resulted in a consolidated version of the Strategy to address current challenges. confronts the communities / areas with a large disadvantaged population. The consolidated version of SNIR 2022-2027 is published on the website of the National Agency for Rome.

The strategy presents the way to continue the efforts of the Romanian Government in order to include the population in a situation of poverty and social exclusion and to respond to the current challenges. It highlights five objectives:

– improving living conditions and infrastructure in vulnerable rome communities;
– ensuring the access of Romanian citizens of rome ethnicity to quality inclusive education;
– boosting rome employment in line with market requirements, so as to avoid segmenting skills and opportunities and allow for their professional development;
– improving the health of members of vulnerable rome communities;
– supporting research, conservation and promotion of rome cultural heritage and rome identity.

Meeting on the Rome Inclusion Strategy for 2022-2027